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Tibetan Mastiff (Zang'Ao) Information and Pictures

The Tibetan Mastiff aswell accepted as Do-khyi (variously translated as "home guard", "door guard", "dog which may be tied", "dog which may be kept"), reflects its use as a guardian of herds, flocks, tents, villages, monasteries, and palaces, abundant as the old English ban-dog (also acceptation angry dog) was a dog angry alfresco the home as a guardian. However, in itinerant camps and in villages, the Do-khyi is commonly accustomed to run apart at night.
Tibetan Mastiff Puppy Picture
Tibetan Mastiff Puppy
'Bhote Kukur' in Nepali agency 'Tibetan Dog'. In Mandarin Chinese, the name is '藏獒' (Zang'Ao), which actually agency 'Tibetan Mastiff' or 'Tibetan "big barbaric dog"'. In Mongolia it is alleged "bankhar", acceptation "guard dog", but there is addition blazon of mastiff in Mongolia alleged the 'Mongolian Mastiff' (Mongol Bankhar), which is bigger than the Tibetan Mastiff and has a darker color, but is not counted as a brand The molosser blazon with which the avant-garde Tibetan Mastiff brand is purportedly affiliated was accepted beyond the Ancient apple by abounding names.
Red Tibetan Mastiff (Zang'Ao)
Red Tibetan Mastiff (Zang'Ao)

Tibetan Mastiff (Zang'Ao) Pictures
Tibetan Mastiff (Zang'Ao) Pic
Black Tibetan Mastiff (Zang'Ao) Pictures
Black Tibetan Mastiff (Zang'Ao)
Note that the name Tibetan 'mastiff' is a misnomer. This dog is not a accurate mastiff, and aboriginal got that name if anyone empiric that it looked like a mastiff; a bigger name for the dog would be 'Tibetan abundance dog' or, to cover the aforementioned dogs on the ambit of Tibet: 'Himalayan abundance dog'.
There is aswell altercation whether the Tibetan mastiff is a molosser.
Country of Origin: Tibet
Adult Males: Minimum 26 Inches/66 Cm
Adult Females: Minimum 24 inches/61 Cm
Weight Loss:
Adult Males: Between 100 -160 Lbs / Kg 45.36-72.58
Adult Females: Between 75 -120 Lbs / Kg 34.02-54.43
Tibetan Mastiff has a fairly long hair, thick and resistant to any season, with fur-lined and black fur color, black and red, or yellow gold. Fur-lined persist throughout the year with little experience defoliation, except in the spring depends on the weather, when the fur 'fluffy'. The long duration of this defoliation can take up to eight weeks. This species is quite long experience pendewasaannya process, a new male dog will reach the truly reached adulthood at age 4-5 years, and female dogs at least 3 or 4 years old.
Very independent, full protection, Obedient to follow orders. Very protect owners and neighborhood.
If the skull of the head length is measured from the tip (Occiput) to 'stop' it will be equal to the size of a stop to the tip of the nose, but generally the length of the jaw a little shorter. Body length is slightly longer than height from ground to the back.
The skull has a broad head, sturdy and strong. For an adult dog can reach his face wrinkles from the eyes to the corners of his mouth.
Skull: Large and somewhat circular, with a 'occiut' a rather prominent.
Stop: stop very clear form.
Nose: Wide, dark expected, and this depends on the color of fur, with large nostrils.
Jaws: A bit width, solid and sturdy. End of a square jaw.
Lips: Formed well and cover the lower jaws.
Teeth: Having strong teeth perfectly, and the 'Scissor bite'. Complete such as scissors, 'Level Bite' (Bite parallel) allowed. Teeth cleanly.
Eyes: Medium sized, color leads to a brown color, and depending on coat color, the darker the better. Neat, oval and agk berbentu slightly diagonal, corresponding to the shape of petals Her eyeballs. With a shrewd eye expression.
Ears: medium sized, triangular shaped and hanging, neat boundary between the skull and eyes, located front and hanging down gets close to the head, and will react in an alert, ears covered with hairs hairs and short.
Neck: Strong and encircled by a muscle. Not too many wrinkles. Neatly wrapped with a thick fur vertical, but not too thick for a female dog.
Having a stout posture and sturdy.

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