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English Bulldog - Large Dog Reviews

English Bulldog - Large Dog Pictures
English Bulldog Puppy
White English Bulldog - Large Dog
English Bulldog-Large Dog
English Bulldog Large
English Bulldog
Gentle, friendly, and adoring, with a arch dosage of stubbornness, the English Bulldog is endlessly loyal to its family.
It usually gets forth able-bodied with added animals, is decidedly addicted of children, and does best indoors. Highly active as a puppy, the English Bulldog grows up to be a calm adult. The brand prefers not to exercise, can calmly overheat, and is decumbent to drooling and snoring.
The English Bulldog descended from age-old Mastiffs that originated in Asia and were brought to Europe by nomads. Mastiffs were bred for atrocity in fighting, holding, or bringing down advancing prey.
Height: 12 - 14 inches
Weight: 50 - 55 lbs.
Uniform color, red brindle, reds; sometimes with a atramentous muzzle
Short and smooth
Affectionate, but sometimes stubborn; abundant with kids
Care and Exercise:
Regular abrasion with a asperous bolt and basal exercise. Affliction should be taken not to over augment as he would adopt not to yield any exercise. Special affliction to crumb his bend and wrinkles and beneath his appendage during hot weather. Should not be over exerted in hot weather. He does not accomplish a acceptable dog for the accordance enthusiast.
Health Issues:
Never leave this dog in a hot car or hot, airless breadth -- they calmly overheat. The English Bulldog does dribble and snore.
Category: Non-sporting
Registries: UCA, AKC, CKC, FCI (Group 2), KC (GB)
Living Environment: Indoor

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